Ari Atoll Route

The Ari Atoll route that Princesa Luluka takes is home to impressive dive sites, ideal for divers who are looking to discover beautiful reefs. Ari Atoll dive sites houses many thilas, providing an interesting diving experience in and out of the pinnacles.

Pelagic fish are a common encounter during dives on this route. Divers can also look forward to diving in the kandus, where diving in the channels will allow sightings of manta rays, eagle rays and jacks.

During the 8D7N diving cruise on this route, divers will be able to encounter with the mighty whale shark, night dives with manta rays and nurse sharks. Ari Atoll is also known to be reliable for meetings with black tip sharks, grey reef sharks and many other species of ocean life exploding in colours as divers move to different dive site. Wreck dives are also included during this journey on this route.

This route has been carefully crafted to feature the best of Maldives, for divers to have a wholesome experience while logging 17 amazing dives onboard Princesa Luluka.